Welcome to Process-Based Living

The situation:

In 2009 I resigned from my first career in financial technology and embarked on the journey of creating a professional coaching practice.  In those early years, I asked myself over and over again, “what should I be doing now?  What am I meant to do next?”

I’d come up with one idea or another (or nothing at all), and eventually found myself turning to various habits (or practices) I’d established to help me cope in these moments.  These included reflecting, meditating, and brainstorming, to name a few.  The more intentional I was with these practices, the more productive I became.  In fact, as soon as I engaged in any one of them, the cycle of worrying stopped and I was brought back to where I have the most influence in my life: the present.

Then I was able to identify the next, natural step in front of me and had enough confidence to take it.

I wrote about these practices later on, in a guide called “Listen, Sense, Grow.”  I developed a corresponding workshop and offered it to groups and individuals, helping them manage anxiety during change and know the next step they would take.

Now I’m working on a book that ties together both the mindset and practices involved in this approach to creating change through work and life.  I call this approach: Process-Based Living.

The opportunity:

Process-Based Living is best suited for those who, like me, don’t get excited about setting goals and working towards them.  Rather, we like to sense our way forward using all of our abilities, and we can accomplish so much when we take ourselves seriously and commit to appreciating our unique strengths and developing them further.

Through this platform, I hope to create the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are ready to accept their natural orientation towards a focus on process vs. goal-setting, and who may need some resources to help them along their way.

The practice:

My personal practice is to keep trusting myself and keep putting my thoughts and this research-supported information out there.  I’ve been delighted to meet and work with other people who are reassured to hear that they don’t have to come up with goals in order to move forward; that there are just as effective ways to thrive according to what matters most to them.

I’ll be delighted further to meet more of you, and hear about your own process-based experiences and dreams!

For your own reflection:

  1. What habits or practices help you whenever you’re unsure of what to do next?
  2. What beliefs do you have about these practices?
  3. How can you take your perspective on life and change more seriously?

About Me

Maggie Coulter Coaching was founded in 2009.  Specializing in career and leadership coaching for people who have experienced significant interpersonal trauma. Navigate stressful work situations and lead with confidence.

You can learn more about me here.

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