Follow Your Energy to Move Past Career Frustration

When people reach out to me for career coaching, they’re usually looking for a new perspective to help stimulate their thinking. More often than not, they describe themselves as being “frustrated.”

I’ve been there myself (more than once!) so I get why they’re feeling that way. And, I actually see frustration as a good sign. In my experience, it typically means something is about to change – or rather, they are about to change in some way that generates new and better results/ideas.

In Brené Brown’s recent book, “Atlas of the Heart,” she defines frustrated as “Something that feels out of my control is preventing me from achieving my desired outcome.”

We can fight this out-of-my-control feeling or we can accept it and focus our attention on what is in our control and what is actually fueling our energy.

I can’t tell you how often my clients have broken through career stuckness by giving themselves permission to trust where their energy is drawing them towards – whether it’s a creative project, or a new hobby or sport, or something outside their comfort zone.

Today, as you contemplate your career-related frustration, consider:

1) What is your desired outcome?
2) What feels out of your control right now?
3) What is giving you energy, and what permission do you need to explore that?


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