Real, and Not Meant to be Ignored

It’s only harder to be with “negative” emotions (sad/down, angry, scared) because we haven’t had the practice. 

I tweeted the above sentiment this morning and now I’m going to blog about it a little further.  Without exception, all of us experience so-called negative emotions and yet many of us were raised to believe that we shouldn’t – that we should look for silver linings instead, or tell people we’re “fine” when we’re really not, or take pills at the first sign of depressed feelings.

In reality, negative emotions are just like any other emotion – real, and not meant to be ignored.  Emotions can be cared for just as any other aspect of our body needs caring; with attention, patience, and curiosity.

It takes practice to witness and care for emotions, especially those we may have been told to avoid and fear.  Seeking a mentor is often the best way to start,especially if you’ve been pushing away emotions for a long time.

If you’ve been practicing being with all of your emotions already: What emotion are you experiencing today, and how would you like to care for it?


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