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Maggie’s” gentle style and deeply empathetic approach were a soothing balm to the anxiety I felt about the future of my coaching and consulting practice. Her ground-breaking program Listen, Sense, Grow, works like magic for those of us who struggled to come up with a crystal clear vision of our futures and who aren't served by traditional goal setting approaches.  I left with a whole bunch of simple, helpful practices that I'll return to again and again to help me find my way forward. I feel so lucky to have found her.

Laurie Sanci

I am writing this recommendation with the greatest of pleasure period to make it simple: Maggie's coaching is like pouring rocket fuel on my professional aspirations and understanding of my own potential. I can hardly wait for my next session.

Paul T.

One of the biggest ups (of this year) was meeting Maggie and working with her as my job transition coach.  Maggie challenged me to remember ME and when I did, I was able to move forward.

Sue C.

I approached Maggie when I needed to re evaluate my career... she provided the direction, motivation, and accountability required to help me and uncover and achieve new goals [and] she understood that I needed to find my own solutions so that they would be more impactful, meaningful, and long lasting. [Coaching] enabled me to reframe the value of my professional experience so that I could understand what was truly important this allowed me to confidently develop the next phase of my career.

Scott Ferguson

I have become more confident, I think before I speak and about ways to raise the level of confidence people have in me. I can differentiate better what I can change and what I cannot, and I am willing to do the work to make the changes I can. I am less quick to judge and I am learning to take myself out of the politics, especially the politics I can't change period and I am happier.

Deb Benton

I have gained more confidence in negotiating for whatever it is I need. This has been a huge boost for my self esteem. I don't feel so hesitant asking for what I want. In addition, I am slowly becoming more confident in taking credit for my work. Overall the main gain in all of this is feeling so much more empowered.

Kelly Zivanovic